Pangeo Roadmap

Drafted: June 2023

This document outlines the Pangeo roadmap for the next 2 years.

The Pangeo project is a community effort. We present this roadmap to indicate our goals moving forward and to present our plan to maintain a relevant and healthy community for all members. We intend to adapt our roadmap as the community evolves and new opportunities arise.

The Pangeo roadmap is organized into 2 sections:

  1. Supporting the Pangeo Community: Ongoing efforts to support discussion, collaboration, and community gatherings.

  2. Supporting the Evoloution of the Geoscience Software Stack: Ongoing and dedicated activitites to deliver software for large-scale geoscience.

Supporting the Pangeo Community

The Pangeo Steering Council is committed to maintaining the following community forums:

  1. Pangeo Discourse

  2. Pangeo Showcase

  3. Pangeo Twitter

  4. Community events at conferences

The Pangeo Steering Council plans to apply for funding to hire a part- or full-time community manager who will help with these forums and also create and curate a monthly newsletter.

The community manager will assist the Steering Council to define a strategy for attending and presenting at conferences and organizing Pangeo-dedicated events. The community manager will help define what, where and how we communicate about Pangeo, which will include updating and maintaining the website.

Supporting the Evoloution of the Geoscience Software Stack

The Pangeo community will continue to drive the development and evolution of software tools that facilitate geoscience research (sometimes called the Pangeo Software Stack). Many of the tools used by the Pangeo community have their own communities and are sponsored by NumFocus (e.g. Zarr and Xarray). With regards to software support, the goal of Pangeo is to provide a space for software developers and geoscience researchers to engage in discussion and collaboration to ensure the usefulness and relevance of the software tools to their scientific use cases.

Pangeo will support the geoscience software stack in three ways:

  1. Advocate for new directions and best practices in the development of new tools, maintenance of existing tools, and the use of these tools in a geoscience context: Advocacy will be driven by community input via community forums (e.g. Pangeo meetings or Discourse). We believe that establishing and communicating community-accepted conventions and best-practices is necessary for cross-platform collaboration as the landscape of resources continuously evolves. A current example is the Pangeo advocacy for the use of STAC to facilitate access to datasets.

  2. Continue developing geoscience software and platforms: For example, the Pangeo community is actively engaged in the evolution of the Zarr specification and the Xarray package.

  3. Identify new and exciting developments in the open-source software community: Encourage these developments via GitHub, community meetings, the Pangeo Discourse, and tutorials. If the interest and impact is deemed large enough, Pangeo will support these developments to become their own entities, as demonstrated by previous cases including [2i2c](, [Pangeo Forge](, and [Project Pythia](