Meeting Schedule and Notes

Community Meeting

Pangeo holds weekly community meetings every Wednesday. The meetings alternate between 12PM and 4PM US Eastern Time to encourage participants from a wider range of time zones. Anyone may attend!

Starting April 7, 2021, the community meetings will have a new format: They will begin with a Pangeo Showcase talk, followed by discussion, optional check-ins, and any agenda items.

The Pangeo Showcase talks are 15 minutes, recorded and receive a DOI. The check-ins are an opportunity for anyone to meet other members of the Pangeo community and let them know what you are working on with short, one minute updates, and agenda items are anything people feel would benefit from group discussion.

  • Schedule: Every Wednesday, alternating between 12pm ET and 4pm ET (See the Calendar at the bottom of this page!)

  • Conferencing: Zoom

  • Notes: Google Doc

Continental Community Meetings

To adress different time zones among the globe continental meetings have been organized.

  1. Europe & Africa

    Gitter: Pangeo Europe

    • Pangeo European Coffee ; an informal meeting with open discussions:
    • Monthly meeting:
      • Schedule: (to be scheduled)

      • Conferencing:

      • Notes: Google Doc

  2. Oceania

    • Monthly meeting:
      • Schedule: 3rd Friday of every month at 1pm Australian Eastern Time

      • Conferencing: Zoom

      • Notes: Google Doc

Working Group Meetings

  1. Machine Learning Working Group
    • Schedule: First Monday of the month at 12p ET

    • Conferencing: Zoom

    • Notes: Dropbox doc

  2. Cloud Operations Working Group
  3. Project Pythia (formerly the Education Working Group)
    • Schedule: Mondays at 3p US Eastern Time (alternating between Project Pythia Education and Infrastructure Working Groups)

    • Conferencing: Zoom (consult the Pythia Calendar for how to join)

    • Notes: link

  4. Pangeo Forge (Cloud Data Platform)
  5. Open Science Meeting - discussions to coordinate open science activities
  6. Distributed Array Computing Working Group
    • Schedule: Every Other Monday at 1pm ET

    • Conferencing: Zoom

    • Forum Post

Past working groups include the Data Working Group and the Education Working Group.

Meetings Calendar

A Google Calendar has been setup with these reoccurring times [GCAL, ICAL].