Deployment Setup Guides

The Pangeo software stack is an collection of Packages that when used together facilitate scalable data analysis on a wide range of computing platforms (see Deployments for a list of examples where Pangeo concepts have been deployed).

This is a growing collection of information that will help you setup your own Pangeo deployment, whether it be on an Getting Started with Pangeo on HPC system or on a public Pangeo Cloud.

If you have tips or deployments that you would like to share, or if you see anything that is incorrect, or have any questions, feel free to reach out at the issues page.

We have broken our setup guides into two distinct tracks, one for Getting Started with Pangeo on HPC systems, and another for Deploying Pangeo in the Cloud systems:

Setting up Pangeo on HPC Systems

This tutorial assumes you have access to a HPC system and that you have some basic Unix skills. We’ll walk you through some common steps for getting Pangeo running on a typical HPC system.

Setting up Pangeo on Cloud Systems

These tutorials describe how to deploy Pangeo using Kubernetes. Most users will also find the zero-to-jupyterhub documentation quite useful.