Pangeo Showcase

The Pangeo Showcase Webinar Series is part of the Pangeo Weekly Community Meeting. See the Meeting Schedule and Notes for more information on Pangeo community meetings.

With the speaker’s consent, the 15 minute talks are recorded, given a DOI, and made available on the Pangeo YouTube Channel. If you are interested in giving a talk, fill out this short form.

  • Schedule: Every Wednesday, alternating between 12pm and 4pm US East Local Time (EST or EDT) to to encourage attendance from a wide range of time zones.

  • Conferencing: Zoom

Recorded and Upcoming Presentations




2021-04-07 12PM EDT

Seth McGinnis, NCAR

Parallel Analysis Using Pangeo vs the Command-Line

2021-04-14 4pm EDT

Lais Carvalho, QuanSight

The New Qhub 0.3: An easy way to deploy/maintain JupyterHub with Dask Gateway

2021-04-21 12PM EDT

Benoît Bovy, GFZ-Potsdam, Freelance

Build, customize and run models with Xarray-Simlab

2021-04-28 4pm EDT

David Huard, Ouranos

FAIR Climate Services using the Xarray ecosystem and OGC Standards

2021-05-05 12pm EDT

Philip Austin, University of British Columbia

OCESE: Open Source Computing for Earth Science Education

2021-05-12 4pm EDT

Josef Kellndorder, Earth Big Data

The new era of SAR time series: Tackling big EO data analysis and visualization with Pangeo tools

2021-05-19 12pm EDT

Chelle Gentemann, Farallon Institute

Sea Surface Temperature Datasets on the Cloud

2021-05-26 4pm EDT



2021-06-02 12pm EDT