Pangeo Showcase

The Pangeo Showcase Webinar Series is part of the Pangeo Weekly Community Meeting. See the Meeting Schedule and Notes for more information on Pangeo community meetings.

With the speaker’s consent, the 15 minute talks are recorded, given a DOI, and made available on the Pangeo YouTube Channel. If you are interested in giving a talk, fill out this short form.

  • Schedule: Every Wednesday, alternating between 12pm and 4pm US East Local Time (EST or EDT) to to encourage attendance from a wide range of time zones.

  • Conferencing: Zoom

Fall 2021 Showcase Recorded and Upcoming Presentations




2021-09-15 4PM EDT

Shane Mill and Steve Olson, NOAA - National Weather Service

The NWS Implementation of the OGC API - Environmental Data Retrieval Mill DOI Badge

2021-09-22 12PM EDT

Alejandro Flores, Boise State University

Navigating the Clouds on the Horizon: A Vision for Reproducible Hydrologic Modeling in the Cloud Flores DOI Badge

2021-09-29 4PM EDT

Daniel Gilford, Climate Central

Introducing pyPI: Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity Calculations in Python Gilford DOI Badge

2021-10-06 12PM EDT

Ted Habermann, Metadata Game Changers

Earthquakes and Moving Plates in the Clouds Habermann DOI Badge

2021-10-13 4PM EDT

Keith Maull and Matt Mayernik, NCAR

Software Citation Guidance for Geoscience Communities Maull DOI Badge

2021-10-20 12PM EDT

Tom Augspurger, Dan Morris, Rob Emanuele, Matt McFarland, and Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuno, Microsoft

Scalable Sustainability with the Planetary Computer Augspurger DOI Badge

2021-10-27 4PM EDT

Kata Martin, Joe Hamman, and Jeremy Freeman, CarbonPlan

A New Toolkit for Visualizing Zarr Data in Web Maps Martin DOI Badge

2021-11-03 12PM EDT

Gunnar Brandt and Norman Fomferra, Brockmann Consult GmbH

xcube - Python package for Earth Observation data cubes Brandt DOI Badge

2021-11-10 4PM EDT

John Clyne, NCAR

Introducing Project Raijin, Community Geoscience Analysis Tools for Unstructured Mesh Data Clyne DOI Badge

2021-11-17 12PM EDT

Deepak Cherian, NCAR

flox: Fast & furious GroupBy reductions with Dask at Pangeo-scale Cherian DOI Badge

Please note that the Pangeo Showcase will go on Winter Break after the talk on Nov. 17th. We will resume Showcase presentations in January 2022. If you are intersted in presenting this Spring, please makes sure to fill out this short form.

Spring 2021 Showcase Archive




2021-04-07 12PM EDT

Seth McGinnis, NCAR

Parallel Analysis Using Pangeo vs the Command-Line McGinnis DOI Badge

2021-04-14 4pm EDT

Lais Carvalho, QuanSight

The New Qhub 0.3: An easy way to deploy/maintain JupyterHub with Dask Gateway Carvalho DOI Badge

2021-04-21 12pm EDT

Benoît Bovy, GFZ-Potsdam, Freelance

Build, customize and run models with Xarray-Simlab Bovy DOI Badge

2021-04-28 4pm EDT

David Huard, Ouranos

FAIR Climate Services using the Xarray ecosystem and OGC Standards Huard DOI Badge

2021-05-05 12pm EDT

Philip Austin, University of British Columbia

OCESE: Open Source Computing for Earth Science Education Austin DOI Badge

2021-05-12 4pm EDT

Josef Kellndorfer, Earth Big Data

The new era of SAR time series: Tackling big EO data analysis and visualization with Pangeo tools Kellndorfer DOI Badge

2021-05-19 12pm EDT

Chelle Gentemann, Farallon Institute

Accessing Sea Surface Temperature Data on the Cloud Gentemann DOI Badge

2021-05-26 4pm EDT

Taher Chegini, University of Houston, Texas

Accessing Hydrology and Climatology database using web services through Python Chegini DOI Badge

2021-06-02 12pm EDT

Matthew Rocklin, Coiled

Coiled: Dask as a Service Rocklin DOI Badge

2021-06-09 4pm EDT

Eduardo Blancas Reyes, Ploomber

Streamline your Data Science projects with Ploomber Blancas Reyes DOI Badge

2021-06-16 12pm EDT

Sam Partee, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

SmartSim: Online Analytics and Machine Learning for HPC Simulations Partee DOI Badge

2021-06-23 4pm EDT

Brian Rose, University at Albany

Project Pythia: a community learning resource for Python-based computing in the geosciences Rose DOI Badge

2021-06-30 12pm EDT

Julia Lowndes and Erin Robinson, Openscapes

The NASA-Openscapes Framework Lowndes DOI Badge